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Fuzzy Proximities

(2020) Electroacoustic study using a single sound from a tuning fork vibrating against the body of a guitar and processed with different time stretching devices.


original music short film year: 2020 duration: 1:20 country: Mexico director: Maria Dianela Torres genre: video art presentation: Festival Cuórum Morelia 2020


original music & sound design short film year: 2020 duration: 3 min. country: Mexico director: Alexis Zavala & Grisel Vite production: Alexis Zavala & Grisel Vite genre: video art IMDB

Lady Lázaro

sound design short film year: 2020 duration: 15 min. country: Mexico director: Óscar Enríquez script: Óscar Enríquez production: Juan Ayala, Gabriel Martínez, Cultura UNAM genre: drama selection: Festival Internacional de Cine UNAM (FICUNAM), Marseille International Film Festival. sound mixed at: Splendor Omnia by Edgar Carrilo

Lamento y carne

sound design short film year: 2019 duration: 14 min. country: Mexico director: Ricardo Bross script: Ricardo Bross production: Ricardo Bross, Bernardo Bross, Antonio Garcin, Daniel Hernández genre: drama selections: Semaine de la Critique du Festival de Cannes – Invitation to Morelia Film Festival (Cancelled due to Covid-19 Pandemic), Maryland Film Festival 2020, International Film Festival […]

Open Detuning

(2019) Electroacoustic study using a sampler to process an improvisation with a steel string acoustic guitar in open D tuning.


sound installation (2019) program note: The piece was composed by processing recorded sounds from the stainless steel sculpture Espacio Presencia created by artist Luciano Matus, with diverse electroacoustic techniques and resources. Different devices and utensils were used to obtain the sounds, such as metallic guitar slides, superballs, mallets, wires, amongst others. live presentation: 14&25/10/2019, Explanada […]


Live performance of the sound installation Vaivén for the sculpture Espacio Presencia created by artist Luciano Matus in the Festival Vertice, UNAM. The performance included tenor saxophone (Robert Tercero) and live electronics (Diego Lozano) and presented at Explanada de la Espiga, Centro Cultural Universitario, UNAM.


for orchestra (2018) program note: The piece was inspired by the myth of the “Stultifera Navis” and the homonymous chapter of Michel Foucault’s “Madness in Civilization”. premiere: Orquesta Juvenil Universitaria Eduardo Mata (OJUAM), 12/05/2019, Sala Nezahualcóyotl, Centro Cultural Universitario UNAM, Mexico City (MX). director: Gustavo Rivero Weber Commissioned by and composed during the Arturo Márquez […]