(2012) for string quartet

program note: Musikphantome is a term used by Christoph Ruths, and can be translated as “ghosts of music”.

The initial idea for the piece was to transfigure from psychic imagery to a musical language a recollection of memories which involuntarily kept appearing in my mind. These “ghosts” manifested themselves in groups conformed by individual abstract figures, each group with distinct characteristics, forms, colors, textures, and essences. Somehow, I managed to explore and ultimately externalize these “ghosts” by making way for them through a very intuitive compositional process. 

premiere: 27/07/12, Cuarteto Arcano, Manuel M. Ponce Hall, Palace for the Fine Arts Mexico City, (MX)

other concerts: 01/12/12, Quatuor Molinari, Montreal Conservatory of Music, (CA)

first prize: Malta International Composition Competition 2015, Central Academy of Arts, Valetta, (MT)

finalist: Fifth International Composition Competition for String Quartet, Molinari Quartet, Montreal, (CA)

Score published by United Music & Media Publishers

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