(2017) for electric guitar

program note: Meaning of “scope”:

a) Space or opportunity for unhampered motion, activity, or thought.

b) To look at or over; examine.

c) Extent, limit or range of view, outlook, etc.

The concept of this work is to express freely associated thoughts and feelings with sound and image, and to reflect a dynamic interaction between these mediums. Each piece is represented by a graphic score and a drawing, aided by an “indications” page.

The player must try to create a subjective sonic equivalent of each drawing, using the scores as creative platforms. The player may use any effect and gear as desired. Once the general and particular indications of each movement are understood, the player may freely improvise and create a space of their own.

During some improvisation sessions, certain abstract and figurative imagery came to my mind and without putting down the guitar, I began to draw and design figures from what I imagined the music looked like. Then I tried to find a musical correlation from the visual elements I had captured on paper. So on and so forth, I found myself spiraling into a mirroring creative process between images and sound. The result is the reflection of abstract thought, manifested in sound and image, born from an audiovisual creative process driven by free association and improvisation.

… in the place of a space interwoven by a person with consciousness, is formed a space interwoven by the subconscious. – Walter Benjamin

premiere: 17/04/17, Bin Taq Festival of New Music, Tapachula, Chiapas, (MX)

electric guitar: Hector Murrieta

artwork & graphic scores: Diego Lozano


visual art:

I. Articulated Spaces

II. Perpetuum Mobile (The Light Unbearableness of Being)

III. Lapse Vertigo (or The Terror of Error)

IV. Meshes

V. Infinity In Finity

video score:

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